Various Public Transport in Bangkok

Bangkok is known for its Tuk Tuks and colorful taxis but obviously there are other options to get around in the city.

Practical and with air conditioning, the sky train (BTS) and the underground metro (MRT) are the best solutions to avoid Bangkok traffic.

A special line, the Airport Rail Link connects Suvanabumi airport to Bangkok downtown. Another way to get around Bangkok is to use Chao Praya Express boats and the shuttle boats on the klongs; small canals of Bangkok. The city also has a large bus network.

The MRT underground’s Stored Value Cards are NOT compatible with the BTS Sky train or Airport Rail Link. You must purchase the passes separately.

You need to buy a single trip ticket (token) at the Ticket Vending Machines or staffs. Select your destination (Phaya Thai Station, 45 baht/person) and the number of passengers, and then the fare will be automatically calculated. You can pay by coins or notes (THB only) and the change as well as receipt will be given out.

AsiaSummit airport link suvarnabhumi 03

It’s the last station of Airport Rail Link so you can take any train - they are all going the same way.

Then you will get off at the last stop of Airport Rail Link at Phaya Thai station.

At Phaya Thai Station, you have to change to the sky train (BTS). Buy a single journey card at any Ticket Issuing Machine (see more detail about BTS tickets at Bangkok Sky Train (BTS)). Select destination of Pu Chao (E16) station, it costs 59 baht.

Once you get ticket, take a sky train (BTS) to Pu Chao (E16) BTS Station, it takes about 35 minutes. You need to change the train at Samrong Station, just 1 station before Pu Chao station.

At Pu Chao BTS Station, take exit 1 or 3 and then take a taxi or walk for 500 m to Soi Apichart 5. See the venue address at Venue of Vineyard Asia Leadership Summit 2020


This option you have to change the train 2 times; at Phaya Thai Station and Samrong Station.

Total Cost and Time: 104 baht (plus 35 baht if taking taxi from the BTS), around 75 minutes.

AsiaSummit airport Taxi01

DO NOT use the LIMO/TAXI services offered by TOUTS .  They can tend to swarm around you once you have cleared customs. These touts will charge rates that can be as much as 200% to 300% of normal metered taxi rates.

 Once you make your way to the taxi desk, tell the dispatchers your hotel or other destination.

*DO NOT ASK ANYONE "HOW MUCH?"   It's a metered taxi. The cost is dictated by the meter. Asking HOW MUCH is tacit approval to being charged a flat rate. 

They may give you a YELLOW slip of paper with your destination written on it. Take the paper to the line of drivers and hand it over to the supervisor. It will be exchanged for another larger WHITE slip of paper with your taxi driver's name and number written on it and an explanation of the 50฿ airport surcharge (which you will add on to the fare at journey's end ).

AsiaSummit airport taxi02

KEEP this slip of paper, ( there is NO information on this slip of paper that the driver needs, he's already been told where you are going - it's yours, put it in your pocket in case of any difficulties during the trip or when you find you've left some property in the taxi, or for any other issue that may arise ).This slip of paper identifies the specific taxi and driver you are using.