Bangkok Taxi Tips

  • Never agree to take a taxi that won’t use the meter; usually these drivers park outside hotels and in tourist areas. Simply get one that’s passing by instead.
  • Bangkok taxi drivers will generally not try to ‘take you for a ride’ as happens in some other countries; they make more money from passenger turnover.
  • It’s worth keeping in mind that many Bangkok taxi drivers are in fact seasonal laborers fresh from the countryside and may not know their way around.
  • If a driver refuses to take you somewhere, it’s probably because they need to return the hired cab before a certain time, not because they don’t like how you look.
  • Very few Bangkok taxi drivers speak much English, so an address written in Thai can help immensely.
  • Older cabs may be less comfortable but typically have more experienced drivers because they are driver-owned, as opposed to the new cabs, which are usually hired.