How to Ride Tuk-Tuk in Bangkok

These three-wheeled beauties are one of the enduring symbols of Bangkok and prove to be a handy way to zip through traffic and across town. It is important that you are firm when it comes to your destination and the price.

 They will try to take you to various places such as tailors, gem stores and ticket offices. Tell the driver that you don’t want any part in the charade firmly. Don’t be taken for a ride when it comes to the price; if you have a rough idea of how far your destination is, it can help with the negotiations.

After all, as cool as tuk tuks are, they’re un-air conditioned, noisy and uncomfortable. More of a novelty than a practical way to travel, their open nature provides ample opportunities to take photos of Bangkok as you’re flying through it and is a chance to enjoy one of the most enduring features of Bangkok.

Whilst on a tuk tuk, you should ensure that bags and valuables are kept away from the open sides as bag snatching has been known to happen.