Access and transport

  • Never agree to take a taxi that won’t use the meter; usually these drivers park outside hotels and in tourist areas. Simply get one that’s passing by instead.
  • Bangkok taxi drivers will generally not try to ‘take you for a ride’ as happens in some other countries; they make more money from passenger turnover.
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In Bangkok you can also get around by using Chao Praya Express boats system. It offers many stops on the bank of the river including the tourist attraction such as the royal palace (Ta Chang pier), old town and markets.

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MRT Tickets are classified into two forms:


  • For a single journey
  • Fare starts at 14 baht for adults and will increase up to the maximum 70 baht

Stored value ticket (Smart Card)

  • For multiple journeys.
  • The minimum value for the first issue is 180 baht (100 baht travel value + 50 baht card deposit + 30 baht issuing fee)
  • Can be added value at least 100 THB at ticket Vendor
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The BTS is one of Asia’s most expensive public transport networks, but it can still seem excellent value to those visiting from elsewhere. It costs from 16 up to 59 baht upon the journey. Here are BTS Ticket Types:

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Bangkok is known for its Tuk Tuks and colorful taxis but obviously there are other options to get around in the city.

Practical and with air conditioning, the sky train (BTS) and the underground metro (MRT) are the best solutions to avoid Bangkok traffic.

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