From Don Mueang Airport By Bus/ Sky Train (BTS)

– Cheapest Option and Good for Solo Traveler

A majority of destinations in town are accessible by the Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS), also known as the Skytrain, or the Metropolitan Rapid Transit (MRT), which is the subway. You can find the nearest BTS or MRT station from your Bangkok accommodation on Google Maps.

To get to the nearest BTS or MRT station from Don Mueang Airport take the A1 bus to Mo Chit, which comes every 5 minutes. The bus stop is just outside once you exit Customs. It should take about 20 minutes from Don Mueang Airport to Mo Chit. At peak traffic times the bus will take the Toll Way/Express Way at no extra cost to you.

AsiaSummit airport DMa1 bus bangkok new

The bus makes a few stops. The last stop is Mo Chit and everyone must get out there. When you get off the bus walk about 20 meters in the same direction as the bus is facing and you’ll see the BTS and MRT stations.

Walk upstairs to get to the BTS station and buy a single journey card at any Ticket Issuing Machine (see more detail about BTS tickets at Bangkok Sky Train (BTS)). Select destination of Pu Chao (E16) station, it costs 59 baht.

Once you get ticket, take a sky train (BTS) to Pu Chao (E16) BTS Station, it takes about 45 minutes. You need to change the train at Samrong Station, just 1 station before Pu Chao station.

At Pu Chao BTS Station, take exit 1 or 3 and then take a taxi or walk for 500 m to Soi Apichart 5. See the venue address at Venue of Vineyard Asia Leadership Summit 2020


Total Cost and Time: 89 (30+59) Baht (plus 35 baht if taking taxi from the BTS), around 90 minutes.