From Don Mueang Airport - Metered Taxi

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Don Mueang Airport, sometimes spelled Don Muang Airport, also known as ‘DMK’, is Bangkok’s hub for budget airlines like Air Asia, Nok Air, and Thai Lion. It’s where you’re likely to end up if you’re taking budget flights within Thailand or to/from nearby countries like Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam or Laos.

Once you’re out of baggage claim and through customs, follow the signs on that level that say ‘Taxi’ toward the metered taxi stand. These taxis are regulated by the airport and they must use the meter. Note that there is a 50 Baht surcharge on top of the fare.

Do not go with any companies or people who may offer you a taxi while you are walking toward the metered taxi stand. This is often a scam and much more expensive than the metered taxis!

Note: There are several ATMs and places to change money on the way to the metered taxi stand. Be sure you have smaller bills (lower than 500Baht is ideal) to pay your taxi driver as they don’t always have enough change.

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Depending on what time you get in, the lines for the metered taxis can be long, but they move forward consistently. When you reach the front of the line you’ll tell or show the person working at the taxi stand the address of your destination, which they will write down and relay to your driver.